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"5 Signs You Are Paying Too Much For Your Merchant Account"
The 5 Sure-Fire Signs You Are Paying Too Much For Your Merchant Account.  
Is Your Contract A Trap
This report contains what to look for if you are trapped in long term contracts that allow Visa and Mastercard to increase rates anytime.
The Secrets of Hidden Fees
Have you ever looked at your merchant statement and wondered what are all of those fees and why did I not know about them?
The Untrained Agent Risk
Do not allow an agent to tell you they have a long time in the industry, they may know less than you about Merchant Accounts
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Carol Pool says:

I always knew that something wasn't right but I was so afraid of doing anything that might cause me to lose my Merchant Account or worse yet be illegal.  It didn't make sense why some transactions cost more than others or why new fees would suddenly appear.  I was afraid to ask any what was going on.

When Vanessa took the time to explain to me how some credit card processors operated I was shocked.  And she said most di not even know they were doing it.  That scared me more than anything.  Vanessa and Team of Experts took less than 15 minutes in their Discovery Call and now I am saving over $625 per month every month.

John Stowe says:

I struggled for years with different merchant accounts.  I had to close checking accounts and pay to cancel merchant accounts.  I was overdrawn in my checking account so many times that I was losing more money than I was making just in the charge alone.

And the money would always come out of my account at the very worst time.  When I read this report I realized I always missed these 5 Signs.  Now I laugh about it but Mike took the time to explain what I doubt the other companies either didn't know or didn't understand.
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